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                 Restaurant  Ambrosia

Anne-Cécile, the chef and "the child of the country" associated with Andréas "Le Grec" in the dining room present to you

The Ambrosia!

Ambrosia means "the nectar of the gods" in Greek, which was given to mortals to become immortal on Mount Olympus".

Through this meaning, we want to offer you a healthy, fresh and seasonal cuisine worked mainly with an exceptional olive oil.

Greek cuisine is very varied, lovers of grilled meat or fish will be as satisfied as vegetarians, because this cuisine also gives pride of place to vegetables. Not to mention the cheeses! Mainly made from sheep's milk, whether it is simply deseeded in a salad   or grilled with of course a touch of olive oil and oregano: a real delight!

Looking forward to making you discover this sun-drenched kitchen!

Filet de poisson

Anne-Cecile and Andreas

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